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So what’s so unique about what we do? We think big, think about your objectives, design cool stuff, animate it for your menu’s and signs and than measure the effectiveness.  We are Second Look Digital, a group of design and marketing experts specializing in digital signage graphics, installation, and support for retail, event, and experiential marketing programs.

We design…   We create…   We engineer…   We animate…  We service…    We manage….  and We fulfill. Everything from a single screen POP displays to multi screen video walls. Providing video content for restaurants. retail, product explainers, menu’s, casino’s and waiting area displays. We create animated content that matches your brand, and provide you with video content for one simple low price.

Simply put, we thrive on making your business stand out. What we really want is for your digital sign content to help you succeed in deepening customer relationships.

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Our #1 priority is providing you with digital signage that gets a Second Look from your customers. We believe in our product and the service we provide, and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about your marketing and branding efforts, which is why we offer a unique approach to digital sign content, taking the time to understand your audience. In addition, Second Look offers ongoing adjustments to your content so that together we can attract attention to your digital signs and communicate your message clearly.

Take a look at why both internal and outsourced marketing and branding departments across the country partner with Second Look Digital Signage to help their business communicate with the customers. The team at Second Look is ready to help you move away from printed posters and PowerPoint slides and start getting your message across with fully animated digital sign content. Dozens of businesses across the United States and Canada are experiencing the successful integration of digital signage content into their marketing strategy.

We have download options that are guaranteed to work with every digital sign system, which means there are no expensive hardware upgrades and no proprietary limitations. Have questions? We’ve worked with most systems and can help you get started.

Giving small businesses access to the expertise and background we have, helps you better understand the importance of customer communication, the value of strategic marketing. Our approach to creative design keeps the price down to be affordable for small business, yet customizable to meet the unique needs.

Second Look can help you create animated video content that supports your brand guidelines and helps your target audience remember you. Animated content gets attention, so make your logo and branding stand out with digital content from Second Look.
With Second Look you’re working with an organization that is invested in helping businesses succeed. We understand your needs, we understand how retail works, and we get what you’re trying to accomplish. We are committed to helping you succeed, and if for any reason our digital content doesn’t help you get there, we will do whatever it takes to make your team happy.
Digital creative content is traditionally a very slow and expensive process. With Second Look we have built out hundreds of customizable templates that work for many businesses. This cooperative spirit allows us to quickly and cost effectively provide you with compelling and engaging content you can afford.

Want to use your signs as a digital menu board? Content from Second Look will get attention, helping you increase sales. Printed backlit menu boards are going obsolete and challenging to read and maintain. We can help identify your objective and engage your customer to react as desired. Learn more about digital menu boards from Second Look.

Digital waiting room content allows maximum flexibility in meeting the needs of customers as they wait to use your business. With animated digital sign content, it is easier to let your customers know when they will be served while keeping them entertained in the meantime. Check out our educational content; it’s perfect for educating your customers as they wait. We have generated hours of content for credit union, dental and medical waiting rooms.


Looking for a few more reasons to use Second Look? There are plenty…

  • Easy Installation on Any Platform

  • Fully Customizable Options

  • Simple Online Purchasing

  • HD Content, for Any Display Size

  • Unlimited Colors to Match Your Brand

  • Designed with Your End of Mind Goal

  • Vertical & Horizontal Options

  • Extensive Experience

  • Top Notch Support

  • Optimized for Smooth Playback

  • Eye-Catching Animations

  • Social Media Integration

  • Live News & Weather Integration

  • Database Driven for Dynamic Content

  • Redundant Media Servers

  • Quick Turn-Around

  • Cost Effective Starter Templates

  • Collaborative Team of Experts

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